nf-core: Community built bioinformatics pipelines


The standardization, portability, and reproducibility of analysis pipelines is a renowned problem within the bioinformatics community. In the past, bioinformatic analysis pipelines have often been designed to work on-premise, deeply integrated into the local infrastructure and did show a customized architecture style. Because of this tight coupling of software to its surrounding environment, the resulting pipelines provided poor portability and reproducibility. Nextflow is a system that is able to provide functionality to make analysis reusability, portability and reproducibility complete, with built-in support for most computational infrastructures and container technologies such as Docker, Conda and Singularity. nf-core is a community effort to implement and collect Nextflow pipelines based on community best practices and tools. The guidelines and templates provided by the nf-core community along with a detailed documentation enable users to add new workflows and get started with Nextflow seamlessly. The outcome is a set of high-quality bioinformatics pipelines that researchers can apply broadly across various institutions and research facilities, as all workflows share common usage patterns and robust community support. Our primary goal is to provide a community-drivenplatform for a high-quality set of reproducible bioinformatics pipelines that researchers can utilize across various Institutions and research facilities.

2019-07-26 09:00
Talk at AEBC2 2019 Basel, Switzerland
D-BSSE Basel
Dr. rer. nat Alexander Peltzer
Clinical Bioinformatics Lead

My research centers around the development of sustainable, easy-to-use workflows for the processing of large-scale (bio-) logical data.