Migrating legacy workflows to Nextflow


Many researchers and institutions face similar issues: Having in-house legacy workflows written in bash or other formats and now facing issues with reproducibility, maintenance of these pipelines and the increasing computational demands poses severe threats to being able to address modern computational questions using such legacy workflows. In this talk, I intend to highlight the efforts we took at the QBIC to maintain compatibility between existing workflows but simultaneously porting all of our existing legacy pipelines to the Nextflow and nf-core frameworks to be able to answer these threats. With a specific application case on one of the most widely used ancient DNA pipelines, I intend to highlight the benefits of these migrated pipeline in comparison to the previously existing workflow in a 1:1 setting.

Sep 19, 2019 9:45 AM
Talk at Nextflow Camp 2019 in Barcelona, Spain
CRG Barcelona
Clinical Bioinformatics Lead

My research centers around the development of sustainable, easy-to-use workflows for the processing of large-scale (bio-) logical data.